The green flies!  June 22,2015

We had heard that Delaware Bay was tough if the tide was against you and the wind.  We decided to leave later to maximize both and made it to Cape May around 5:15.  Our stop last night at Greenwich Marina New Jersey was the worst!  I already mentioned the green flies…seriously, there were hundreds swarming as we docked and drove the 3.5 mile river into the marina.  A straight run from the canal to cape may would be preferable IF the day is good and tides too!   


The entire canvas was covered…but they bite!  Worse than Georgia!  But on with the great day…

And the trip down the Delaware River was amazingly calm again!  Light winds and we caught the tide.  Passed some commercial craft but mainly just enjoyed the calm and anticipation of Cape May.   


The entrance to Cape May seems very much like the entrance to Block Island!  Tiny inlet to a large area.  Huge ferry boats berthe at the entrance and the canal seems like the others we have passed before…yet now the vegetation is definitely Northern!   


We decided to stay at Utsch’s Marina which was close off the canal giving us a good start tomorrow if we decide to go outside New Jersey.   


The entrance to the marina is a narrow gate in the sea wall…fortunately for us an easy in as everything was so calm!  It must be intimidating in winds blowing 20!  We gassed up, added water and readied Bucket List for the ending days of this journey.

We will end with another sweet experience tonight.  We wanted to get to West Marine by six as we had a few things needed for tomorrow’s trip.  They said they would wait until we came as they were only 1/4 mile away. We donned our sneakers and began walking when we saw a guy leaving in a pickup truck.  We asked if he was heading in that direction…he was and insisted on driving us and waiting to drive us back!  He gave great suggestions for dinner at The Take out to the fancy restaurant The Lobster House, established in 1920!  It was fantastic.   



 As it turned out, Bill had surveyed for the Army Corp for the New Jersey coastline…and offered great suggestions for our way tomorrow.  We hope we can return this precious favor he did for us sometime for him and his family! It is great when a special act of kindness comes your way!  Thank you Bill!

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