We left Atlantic Highlands Marina at 10:15 am in order to catch the flood tide all the way to NYC and through the East River, Hellsgate into Long Island Sound.  We had another perfect day wind and sea wise and the tide helped us tremendously!  The commercial traffic began at the Verrazano Bridge with two VERY large container ships leaving the city. 


After passing through the Verrazano Bridge, we had spectacular vistas of Manhattan along with other commercial tankers, etc. many whom were anchored.   


The Statue of Liberty stood out even from a long distance and we could not wait to get closer.  Getting closer meant playing dodge ball with a host of tour boats and commercials as well. There is obvious security surrounding this national treasure. We could see very long lines on shore even from the boat as well!  

After passing Going through the main harbor, we passed Governors Island by The Battery and turned up the East River (which is known for its strong currents).  One must pass through the East River and into Long Island Sound on a rising flood tide.  We saw essentially no commercial traffic from the opposite  direction on the East River because even the big boys do not want to take it on the chin!  We saw the new Freedom Tower from many vantage points.  The view from the river was totally different and the city was beautiful! 


We have never experienced anything quite like the tidal swirl and boil quite like Hellsgate!  We were so thankful to have scheduled our run as we were told to because Bucket List normally riding  9 mph was sailing through at the same rpm at 15.5mph!  There was a whirlpool like action and we quickly got it…no one going by the opposite way! I tried to catch a shot of the boil but it pales to what it really churns like!

We passed a prison ship opposite Rikers Island Prison, went under the 59th St Bridge, the Williamsburg, Throgsneck and Bronx Whitestone Bridges.   








 The architecture is fantastic from the water.  Looking back from Long Island Sound we now saw the skyline in reverse!  Never having seen any of this (except on a tour boat once!) we were blown away by its beauty and majesty of Lady Liberty!  

The water in Long Island Sound was a familiar color and definitely saltier smelling!   We drove to Milford CT around 7pm.- another 90 mile day!  With my mother on our minds, we wanted to give ourselves a good advantage to be back in Groton near 3:00 if possible!  The sound at Milford started off choppy with winds at 15 knots! The weather report did not show this change of wind direction as well as speed!    As we approached the Connecticut River, the seas began to flatten more and looks like we will make our goal!  Dear friends are planning to meet us to help with the lines, get a ride to the house and we will be ready to scurry to see my mother.  It has been an incredible 31 days blessed with so much perfect weather!  Bucket List performed beautifully and we look forward to summertime with her on Long Island Sound!  We now see Fishers Island!  Whoppee we are in familiar waters! We will have traveled 1,776 miles by boat…our bucket list by water! Welcome back! 


2 thoughts on “FRIDAY JUNE 26,2015”

  1. How exciting….you were in MY territory! Ella’s bedroom looks out on the new Freedom Tower…..which is fabulous…you must go!! I so often walk along the river with the girls, seeing all the sights you saw….the S of L is fabulous. Remember all those emails when Ella was a baby….. Hope you are home and have made it to L& M….KNOW you are so happy to be home😉🌅

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