June 25,2015 Thursday

We had a perfect day considering we were on the Atlantic off New Jersey.  With roller waves, the seas were not choppy and the wind was under 10 knots.  It could not have been expected to be any better.  So we made the decision to try for Sandy Hook which is across the bay from New York City.  In Atlantic City,  we docked next to FlyingLion, a 55ft Fleming.  They were stopping at Mannisquam,NJ but we wanted to try the longer day to get finish the Atlantic while the day was good.  Exhausted but exhuberant, we first saw the NYC skyline at 4:00pm and rounded Sandy Hook to dock around 6:30.   


Backing up a bit, during the ride from Atlantic City to Sandy Hook, we passed a tall ship schooner heading for the Philadelphia Tall Ships event being held this weekend.  Beautiful under full sail!  There were a few pleasure craft again, lobster boats and commercial boats far in the distance!  Spelling each other off at least every two hours gave us each more stamina.  My “panic mode” is decreasing and fortunately have a great captain! Smile… 


We stayed at the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Marina in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. Passing around Sandy Hook, we were able to enjoy the majestic views of NYC soaking it in that we had actually come this far!  Everything was perfect, wave action had flattened a bit and the sky was beautiful.  After tying up to fixed docks with 6ft tides, we finally walked toward a restaurant on the dock and ate our first fried everything of the month.  They were closed but said we could order something fried.  The coleslaw was good!  We had hoped to meet up with locals for local knowledge to maneuver the East River, when suddenly we ran into the Captain of the ferry to the city!  His day was over but he graciously took time to check our assessments of tides, etc.  The  currents are at least 5 knots strong in parts so it is necessary to take everything into consideration when planning our departure.  He said leaving our slip at 10:00 am would be great or a bit earlier.  Earlier might be better as it always tends to take longer than anticipated to leave!  We walked into town to find our first ice cream cone in a month…the town is adorable much like Mystic’s!  We returned to the boat receiving a disturbing phone call that my Mom  had been taken to the hospital.  Now we are on a hurry up even faster mode but need to be dependent on the tides,etc.  We are amazed at how much we feel “watched over” and again thank you all for your comments and time just to read this log.  Please pray for my Mom.  Her heart is broken over losing the love of her life just two months ago.  Into their 72nd year of marriage, she has been such a great example to us both of love in the flesh.  Will keep updates coming. 


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