Continuing May 31…)

Morning broke with thunder showers keeping us in bed…but we made it away by 7:50 am anyway.  The water was calm, flat and the sky was an inviting blue. All in all it was a perfect day in which we decided to keep going and stop at Palm coast which is about 25  miles north of Daytona Beach.  We must have commented 100 times how beautiful this area is in Florida.  Fishing abounds and the number of small beaches off islandS or along the coast are amazing. It is a delightful place to think about raising a family.  This part of Daytona Beach is different from the crowded beaches but the area south and into the waterway near the city was crazy with fast boats, wakes and many small and large craft enjoying a beautiful Sunday!  We had our racing dolphin pals again…today there were three! Passing through the bascule bridges reminds us of Mystic’s.  From palatial mansions to great looking motor home parks, today’s drive gave an unusual variety of living accommodations!  Hope you are able to access all our photos.  We are truly enjoying this decision to bring Bucket List back to CT.  Enjoy your evening!  FYI…notice the photo of Aphrodite from Watch Hill which passed us south of Daytona on her journey back to the Ocean House!  Small world! 


May 31,2015…posting today for the 30th too!  The time does get away from us!  

We moved from Ft Pierce City Marina to Cocoa Village Marina which took 7hours 10 minutes.  Starting out the weather looked great but as verified with radar a rain shower moved in…and our enclosure up top kept everything very dry!  The remainder of the day was beautiful.  We had one more downpour, but a quick zip up is easy!  Mild winds and sunny skies prevailed which gave us another delightful day.

We had following Dolphins slapping in the chase beside us again.  Pelicans diving for food and surprisingly fewer boats than expected.  A perfectly delightful day ending it at Thai Thai for dinner to vicariously celebrate with Andrew and Ari 6 years of a great marriage!  The restaurant is in the quaint historical village of Cocoa.  The could house many tourists for the shuttle launches during those days. A cute place to stop and browse but our time was needed to rest for an early start on Sunday.  


May 29 continued…

We made it to fort pierce fl tonight.  Blessed to have such a great marina!  Had rain starting out this am, I got some good piloting hours under my belt and at the “fork” where the ICW goes south or north…a mixup of boaters I definitely relinquished any authority!  Some speeders but mostly strong winds, tides,etc. added to the confusion!  We slowed down, let everyone do their thing and headed North!  Equipment is good and hope you get a word picture of our day through the pictures to follow!  Will continue tomorrow…early Happy 6th wedding Anniversary to Andrew and Ari!   


May 29t5

we woke up to beautiful weather…may not lastbut hopeful we can avoid thunderstorms! We stayed at Indiantown marina after going through Port Mayaca lock.  We have two more locks to go through and then we will be on the Atlantic intercoastal waterway. The marina offered a free ride to a local Italian restaurant so off we went and it was great. I will try posting photos. Will keep you updated and we’re having a great time! 


May 27 2015

After getting away from the dock at tarpon point marina in Cape Coral, we had a wonderful but windy ride to Port LaBelle fl.  Our take off time was delayed a bit, but leaving at noon was great. With an unknown of lock opening changes we needed to  stop earlier than hoped, but it’s in a great spot! A small alligator swam up to our swim platform scaring me to death!  Hopefully we can make it over the lake tomorrow.  This was a great day!


Our Bucket List by water journey is about to begin…

In spite of thunder clouds with potential rain, we are hoping to be in Cape Coral tonight to leave in the morning for Moore Haven  FL ( near the entrance of Lake Okeechobee).  We are heading up the inland waterway for the first time with our new boat, Bucket List, a Grand Banks 42 Classic. Please join us on our journey,  blogging for the first time, and both of us very excited to get underway with this adventure.  Happy Memorial Day, May 25, 2015.  I will be adding our SPOT coordinates, photos, etc. when I learn how to!  Enjoy the Holiday!