June 19

You must know thatI have to double check the calendar that I am posting the correct date!  Blush! Also we have very little idea of local or national news within the last three weeks at least..,being a news junkie- this is amazing for me!  

Our extra time at Rebel Marina was needed to replace an alternator and O rings for the air filter and the turbo on the port engine as well.  After three nights and two full days at dock, we were ready to get on with the schedule…so the goal was set to leave by 6:30am and try for The Solomons which would be 100 miles.  At 6pm, we tied up at Calvert Marina on the Solomons!  And we were fine!  Celebrated by splitting a Maryland crab cake dinner at the cool restaurant near the dock!  100 miles at 9 miles an hour is huge!  I tell my kids to think of us as riding a bicycle from Florida!  

The day was wonderful, but discussed aborting our plan if the seas got any more rough or we saw thunderheads.  The seas flattened and no thunderheads…my Mom is praying for us…smile!  

Along the way, remind you, we travelled through shipping lanes, thus we saw some ships!  Our 42 feet is like a toy boat next to these big guys.  Hope you enjoy the photos and we will be off tomorrow to get  another push forward.  It is actually OK having the schedule we have.  Being able to enjoy each port a day or two  would be great too…but that is not “in the cards” for us this trip, and we are ok with it as each day is full of new scenery and adventure!

6:30am leaving Rebel Marina north i of NORFOLK VA


The wind as not really light but ok and off through shipping lanes we go!


a Tug pushing a barge!


A beautiful morning on the water!


Cargo ships at anchor waiting their turn for port…


Our first real lighthouse!


A fellowboater going south!


These tankers are daunting as they charge ahead…


The largest carrier yet with tug claiming to be traveling at 10 knots


another tug with barge late afternoon


The bridge connecting the Solomon islands to the mainland.


Beautiful properties dot the landscape as one enters the harbor


This sailboat housed a cute liveaboard family. the sailboat in front was another live aboard…and later met the couple from Oklahoma living their adventure on their boat as well!


2 thoughts on “June 19”

  1. A delightful short but sweet meeting last night…..looking forward to following along your journey & perhaps our paths will cross again! Ocean Spirit is delighted to be on your blog 🙂 Safe travels!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Really liked meeting you as well and hope you keep in touch. I will email you from your info too! Have a wonderful time with your friends and on your trip as well…lolly and Duncan Stoddard


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