Continuing May 31…)

Morning broke with thunder showers keeping us in bed…but we made it away by 7:50 am anyway.  The water was calm, flat and the sky was an inviting blue. All in all it was a perfect day in which we decided to keep going and stop at Palm coast which is about 25  miles north of Daytona Beach.  We must have commented 100 times how beautiful this area is in Florida.  Fishing abounds and the number of small beaches off islandS or along the coast are amazing. It is a delightful place to think about raising a family.  This part of Daytona Beach is different from the crowded beaches but the area south and into the waterway near the city was crazy with fast boats, wakes and many small and large craft enjoying a beautiful Sunday!  We had our racing dolphin pals again…today there were three! Passing through the bascule bridges reminds us of Mystic’s.  From palatial mansions to great looking motor home parks, today’s drive gave an unusual variety of living accommodations!  Hope you are able to access all our photos.  We are truly enjoying this decision to bring Bucket List back to CT.  Enjoy your evening!  FYI…notice the photo of Aphrodite from Watch Hill which passed us south of Daytona on her journey back to the Ocean House!  Small world! 


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  1. Love your photos and following your trip, exciting. I have seen Aphrodite docked in the summer at Watch Hill for many years, small world indeed!

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