May 31,2015…posting today for the 30th too!  The time does get away from us!  

We moved from Ft Pierce City Marina to Cocoa Village Marina which took 7hours 10 minutes.  Starting out the weather looked great but as verified with radar a rain shower moved in…and our enclosure up top kept everything very dry!  The remainder of the day was beautiful.  We had one more downpour, but a quick zip up is easy!  Mild winds and sunny skies prevailed which gave us another delightful day.

We had following Dolphins slapping in the chase beside us again.  Pelicans diving for food and surprisingly fewer boats than expected.  A perfectly delightful day ending it at Thai Thai for dinner to vicariously celebrate with Andrew and Ari 6 years of a great marriage!  The restaurant is in the quaint historical village of Cocoa.  The could house many tourists for the shuttle launches during those days. A cute place to stop and browse but our time was needed to rest for an early start on Sunday.  


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