June 2 late afternoon

Wehad a delightful trip from Fernandina Beach Marina to our present spot in Brunswick Georgia! We crossed into Georgia around 9:30 AM and had to watch our depth ferociously as we had heard many different people talk about the depths of water in the Georgia waters being skeptical. We actually are staying at the cutest place in Brunswick called Hidden Harbor Marina. It is given that name as we had to go down a creek where we had 3.3 feet of clearance which was a little scary but we made it. We are expecting to be in Savannah tomorrow night,where we will be with our nephew and his family and our sister-in-law Joan. We’re excited to do that.  We  








 have a big day ahead of us to make it on time but we can do it. I will add pictures of our ride from Fernandina Beach Marina. Our weather has been exciting because we keep beating storms and making into Safe harbors safely!Edit

2 thoughts on “June 2 late afternoon”

  1. Love your travels! Tried to comment yesterday but WordPress & I didn’t agree on my password—HA! (Of course, they won & apparently my comment is banned to somewhere in cyber space.). Maybe phoning would be easier —-I feel like I still belong to the age where wooden phones were mounted on the wall & had to be cranked—-aii yi yi—modern technology and passwords, well, maybe it at least confounds the Chinese for a nano second. Look forward to more post!


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