June 2

fernandina beach marina 

A wonderful town…pastel colored buildings with many different types of shopping and restaurants.  We only had time to experience the latter! We ate at a wonderful restaurant called Crab Trap in which we had a great fisherman’s platter with grilled local fish at wonderful deviled crab etc. We truly enjoyed it! We raced i port to beat a storm and we managed to tie up dry. However after dinner was a different story we had to race back to the boat in a huge downpour with lightning and thunder in the rest of the evening. In the morning we fueled up as it was a very easy location to do so and headed out by 930. We crossed into Georgia waters and have Glass like waters and a somewhat cloudy sky with predictions of possible late afternoon thunderstorms again. I will post some more pictures again of today and let you know where we stop tonight. It is fun not having a schedule we just know we have a goal!Edit Edit


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