June 7, 8, 9am

We are presently in Georgetown, South Carolina.  Our intention was to leave this morning for Myrtle Beach; however, after Duncan checked the engine room he found a belt that needed to be replaced. We were blessed that nothing happened while we were underway.  There is a great mechanic at this Marina and he has found any problems and is in the process of fixing them. The guidebook actually states “A visit to Georgetown certainly calls for at least a days layover, longer if you want to explore some of the outlying plantations.” Well it looks like we will be here today!  

We walked into town last night and ate at a charming restaurant called Riverhouse.  The Southern style of cooking is absolutely wonderful as you all know.The town reminds me of Bristol Rhode Island.  The  Main Street is full of adorable shopping with museums and a lot of great looking historical places to explore. We may have to do that this afternoon as most of the day is gone right now it looks like we’ll be spending another night here in 

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Front Street is a beautiful tree-lined street with amazing homes and Gardens.


A mural of the town of Georgetown as if one was looking from a porch

    Georgetown. This is giving me a little time to catch up on the blog as after we left Beaufort South Carolina, I have not had a chance to post. When we left Beaufort for Charleston on Sunday we had a beautiful calm day and very calm seas.The ICW is usually very calm which is proving to be very nice. There were some fun looking picnics along the way by boaters -take note in the picture of the picnickers standing in the water waste high!  As we approached Charleston the wind picked up blowing 15 to 20 knots and the traffic seem to pick up also. Most boaters were going very fast, I guess trying to get to their ports.  Charleston Harbor was full of Sunday afternoon traffic. Fortunately there were no huge tankers or commercial traffic. 

We made it to Charleston maritime marina around 6pm.  We were quite far from downtown but we walked into town and ate at a recommended place.One of their specialties was stuffed hush puppies. Of course they were stuffed with crab and shrimp! 

We left Charleston by 9AM with the destination of Georgetown South Carolina. I’m trying to learn how to caption the photos so will try to do that with the next ones. I guess we are off to explore Georgetown this afternoon! We are also back in the weather pattern of thunderstorms in the afternoon therefore even a late leaving of Georgetown might not make sense as we would most likely encounter thunder lightning etc. before we would make Myrtle Beach.We could possibly have to stop along the way anyway. With this being our first and only mechanical stop so far, I guess you would say this is good! We are having a great time still and plan to be back on the ICW tomorrow! 
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Beaufort SC home gracing the ICW as we left!


The calm waters along the way from Beaufort to Charleston.


The food truck for the picnic boaters waist deep! It is blowing at least 15 knots with large waves !




Charleston brick homes on waterfront


Our ride from dinner back to the boat!


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