June 10 Wednesday, 2015

After a fight with the tide to leave Georgetown, we won! And wonderful dock mate from Holland came to help us. He had just sailed the Atlantic by sailboat with his wife and is headed to Boston. Very impressive!  We left Georgetown after being on the boat all day yesterday because of rain, lightning and thunder. There’s always a lot to do anyway on the boat!  I must admit I was disappointed because friends kept writing me about shops that were so cool there. Duncan was thrilled that I was on the boat helping him!
The ICW today was very flat beautiful scenery and wonderful cypress trees. We both felt like we were in a forest of nothing but Cyprus and it was beautiful. As we approached Myrtle Beach the homes became more impressive, much larger and there was more boating traffic. We made it to Myrtle Beach yacht club by 330, fueled up, Added water, pumped out and decided to have a very early dinner as we had skipped lunch.  The sky looked a little threatening after we arrived however the any thunderstorm skirted around us and we had an afternoon without rain. The Tranquality of the ICW leaves us without any desire to party in town. What!?Edit

Morning has broken!ready for a new adventure to Myrtle Beach!


Cyprus tree lined path called the ICW


seen better days?


A rowing team practicing…


Osprey nest with babies! this one is for Linda!


A friendly wave…see the next photo

  They made a point of circling our wake twice   

Baby cyprus making its own statement


nice schooner on the Waccamaw river


Cyprus trees love their water environment



another BUCKET LIST!


Working on the ICW …


Now we know we are in MyrtleBeach! Mary and Jill’s shopping grounds


The entrance to the Yacht Club


Definitely the most COLORFUL home in Myrtle Beach!


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